We want to hear about what’s important to you – especially things that you feel aren’t being addressed in the election campaign.

Share your story with us, and we will amplify your voice. The organisations involved in ‘Voices from the Margins’ will share stories with our networks of supporters, and also with the media.

Let’s talk about what we can do together – democracy isn’t just about who wins this election.

To download these tips as a leaflet you can print and share, click here.

Share stories

If you had 30 seconds to address all the election candidates, what would you say to them? What are the issues that really matter to you?

Make a 30-second video of yourself or write your answer, and email it to us or share it on our Facebook group:
(By sending the materials, you give permission for us to share them more widely, including with media outlets.)

SmartphoneHere are some tips for making a great video:

  • Don’t worry about quality, a video filmed on a mobile phone will be fine.
  • Practise what you want to say first, so you don’t ramble.
  • Find a quiet space so there won’t be too much background noise on the video.
  • Find a simple or plain backdrop to stand against, so the video doesn’t look cluttered or confusing.
  • Hold your phone horizontally so that the video is in landscape format rather than portrait.
  • To share a video on Facebook, you just need to join our group, then create a new post and click or tap ‘Add photo/video’.

Share it to your own social networks too – and ask your friends to share their own stories!

We will amplify your voice

The ‘Voices from the Margins’ partner organisations will share your videos and stories with our networks of supporters across the UK – and get them covered in regional and national media if we can.

A warning

During an election campaign, we can’t publish any material which supports or attacks a specific party or candidate.

So please make sure that your video or story focuses on your own values and priorities, rather than attacking or promoting one party.