How a new approach is helping mums like Sandra

Sandra lives at home with her husband & two teenage children in Preston, Lancashire. During the Easter Break her family took part in The Larder’s Kids in the Kitchen Initiative. She spoke to Ben Pearson, Church Action on Poverty’s Food Power Empowerment Officer, about the impact both COVID-19 and the initiative has had on her family.

I’ve not left the house for six weeks so my husband goes shopping. With everyone bulk buying, places ran out of what we would normally buy so we had to travel to different places to get food.

We’ve been lucky though, we’ve managed. I mean it might have been beans on toast or egg and soldiers, but it was a case of like it or lump it; we didn’t go hungry. Hungry children should be a priority though – families going hungry just shouldn’t happen in this day and age. 

This Universal Credit is a nightmare and should be scrapped. The Government need to have better and quicker access to benefits; they need to stop sanctioning people for stupid things.

Touch wood, I’ve never had to use a food bank, I’ve two older sons and I refuse for them to go. I’d rather they raid my cupboards and take the last tin, or do a shop for them.

My youngest son is fussy though, he only eats what he eats, but actually Kids in the Kitchen has changed his attitude. Because he made meals himself and got involved, things like homemade pizza, macaroni cheese, curry, soup, things we’d not normally make, he’s loved it. 

I found out about Kids in the Kitchen on Facebook, through my housing association. I thought they were just going to share recipes; I didn’t realise they were going to provide the ingredients. That was a help because we’d never have bought those things.

Since Kids in the Kitchen we’ve carried on making the recipes and cook much more now, it’s good for the kids.

The big picture

You can learn more about The Larder’s work on its website or facebook page, or can learn more about the Food Power programme on Church Action on Poverty’s website.

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